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02 July 2007 @ 10:55 pm
Title: An organization of rogues.
Author: dancevdragon
Prompt: Incubus - Rogues
Fandom: D.Grayman
Character/Pairing: Kanda/Allen
Rating: PG-13
Completed: [4/13]
Summary: Allen and Kanda are assigned to clean up the Akuma in an over run city. While there Allen gets a better look at himself, Kanda, and the Order.

Route missions used to make Allen nervous as hell. Years ago when he’d been a boy of fifteen that is, now it was just the mundane day to day. The exorcist stalked through the dusty streets of a nameless city as he looked for the reported Akuma. It was a cleanup job, not that he minded those. He was fairly sure Kanda didn’t either.

They ghosted together through the shadows while keeping an eye out for trouble. You never could tell when a mission became more than you bargained for. It was times like those that either wiped an exorcist, some finders off the map, or just caused damage.

Allen preferred not to find out. He certainly could do without such an experience again. A mission when he was seventeen took his regular right eye. He didn’t bother to wear an eye-patch; it made people under estimate him if they saw the scar. Every advantage the exorcist could get in this war was something precious. He pressed his body against the wall and felt Kanda do the same right beside him. He breathed slowly and as quietly as he could manage while flicking his eye to peer at the other.

“They’re not bothering to hide themselves anymore.” Kanda remarked quietly as he craned his neck to see. He shifted, his hand falling onto the hilt of his sword as he moved. He narrowed his eyes faintly as his lips moved; obviously counting the number of Akuma they would deal with. “Walker.” The swordsman looked at the young adult, he still felt weirded out to be able to look the other in the eye without having to peer down. He guessed it would fade with time as he got used to the other’s new height and confidence.

“Hm?” The white haired exorcist didn’t look away from the hordes of Akuma mulling about. He was too busy removing the straps covering his red arm. He glanced at the other as he slipped his weapon free of the sleeve and covered the glow of the cross.

They would be in a real tight spot if the Akuma moved to attack before either of them were ready.

“We lure and scatter.” Kanda breathed as he pressed his thumb just under the hilt of Mugen and bared just a decimeter of steel. He turned to make his way around the other side but paused. “Don’t do anything stupid.” Then he was striding quickly away, the darkness swallowing him up.

The exorcist watched Kanda go for a moment before he started counting quietly in his head. Ten, nine, eight… He shifted into a runner’s crouch, safely hidden in the alleyway he’d holed up in. The communication golem fluttered out of his coat and flapped silently. He tensed as he waited for Kanda to say he was in position. Allen breathed slowly focusing his will so he could invoke fast while on the run. In lure and scatter tactics every second counted. It didn’t help he didn’t have depth perception.

Well he did but he preferred not to rely on the curse eye too much. The teenager didn’t feel like waiting for his brain to adjust to the shift. It had been easier when he’d had both his eyes. Seven, six, five… He shifted so when he pushed off and started running he could do so without the dumb stumble some people made. Allen knew they couldn’t afford to make any mistakes. A slip-up could cost them both their lives and he refused to die out here like this. Four, three, two…

“I’m in position.” Kanda’s voice came over the golem; quietly but clear enough to be made out. “Ready when you are.”

“Go.” Allen snapped as he took off as fast as his feet could carry him while the innocence’s invocation rode up his arm. It changed the crimson flesh into the long black arm with slender blade like claws as he skidded around a corner. The golem communicated the sound of boots thudding rapidly on cobbled streets as it kept pace with the racing exorcist. He didn’t have to wait long for pursuit.

The swordsman pelted quickly down the street listening to the Akuma pursuing and making sure to dodge the gunfire. It was hard to do while running as fast as he was but he had years of practice. He slid his fingers up the metal of his weapon and blue sparks washed up in their wake, the sword beginning to resonate. Kanda ducked a particularly close volley of shells and cursed quietly. Mugen hummed away in his hand as he whipped around a corner.

He had to time this just right or he was going to pay for it. He didn’t have time to gain height for it but a ground attack in this case would be just as effective. The swordsman whirled swiftly on his feet hissing as the faint sting in his legs from turning at his current speed. He swung Mugen swiftly, releasing the first illusion with his typical battle cry. The white demons tore through the Akuma that had followed him as if they were made of cheap paper.

On the other side of the city Allen was cutting down Akuma with relative ease, the white cloak of Crown clown becoming a vicious weapon. He shifted on his feet, peering through the eyehole in the silver mask almost dispassionately. But he was silently wishing for God to save each and every soul he freed with the fluid sweeps of cloak. It wasn’t over they still had to hit the other sections of the city which had likely been alerted by now.

“Walker, where are you?” He looked up as he dusted a bit of dirt from his coat. Allen frowned slightly as he glanced about for a moment. “I’m on the North side of the city. Where are you Kanda?” He waited for a reply as he kept his only eye out for trouble.

“South side, regroup at the city hall Walker. …Any injuries?”

The boy paused in mid-step looking at the golem to make sure he heard him right.

Then again Kanda did care about his comrades just he had a hard time showing it.

Allen left his sleeve dangling as he strode down the street heading for city hall. “I’m fine Kanda. See you at city hall.” They were just a pair of rogues really, he mused as he kept to the shadows again.

But then all exorcists were, after all they weren’t allowed to have ties to the rest of the world. The most one would remember about them was the silver cross and the black coats. Everything else would be forgotten in the years to come when the war was over.

Allen found a strange comfort in that, he was fairly sure Kanda did too.