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Will Fic For Music

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Will Fic For Music :: A Fiction Challenge Communit
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Will Fic For Music

Brought on by the intense love of Lucero by exaltedlaurals, this community was born because, sometimes, cd's by our favorite artists have the most interesting and awe inspiring song titles. That's exactly what this community is all about.

The basics: First, pick a cd. Then pick a character, a pairing, a few characters, etc. When you have both of those picked out, you can post in the claiming thread (found here. Be sure to check the already claimed list here. You cannot overlap on any aspect. (Meaning if the pairing is already claimed, then you can't use it. If the cd is already claimed, you can't use that.)

What it all means: You're using song titles (and any lyrics from those songs that you might want to add, though we're focusing on song titles) from a cd you choose to complete a claim set. Once you've posted all of your pieces, you can post in this thread and you'll be rewarded with some kind of graphic to boast your achievements.

So what are my prompts? Like I said before, the song titles from the cd you choose. For example, let's say you choose "Once", a cd by Nightwish. You would look up the tracklist of that cd, and each one of the song titles is your prompt. "Planet Hell" is one of the songs on that cd, so it's my prompt for one of my pieces. To complete the challenge, you have to do a fic for each song title.

What if I have other questions? Check out the FAQ here.

Group Moderators:
fireflypenance - Ashe
exaltedlaurals - Aaron

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Aaron will give you a dollar if you title your fic/work in the phrase "This is Sparta." He means it too. A whole dollar.

But Ashe will kill you. Is your life worth a dollar?