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19 July 2007 @ 11:32 pm
My mind is made up  
Title: Every Vial You Break
Author: Lily Peters
Prompt: Panic! At The Disco-Introduction
Fandom: Shattered Glass (Original)
Character/Paring: Claire, Wallace, Leon
Rating: PG-13
Completed: [11/13]
Summary: There was no more manipulation or relish in the way he moved, only longing and need.

Life…moved on for Leon Englehorn; wasn’t that how it always went? His parents, now that their eldest child had come home from Paris, were mystified that he had yet to court a woman and marry. “You really should marry, dear,” his mother said over supper one night, Leon’s brother sitting to his left. Jeremy was the younger of the two sons, his features not as handsome as his brother’s; his hair was brown like their father.

“I see no reason to marry,” Leon said evenly, taking another spoonful of soup.

“Come now,” the blonde Mrs. Englehorn protested, “many men feel as you do until they find the right woman. Anyway, your father and I won’t be around forever and we need good blood in the…”

Jeremy coughed. “My wife and I hope to have children in the next few years…if that’s any consolation, Mother.”

“Yes, yes, Jeremy, but it would set both our minds at ease if Leon could have a family soon… We need someone to look after this estate when we are dead and gone,” Teresa Englehorn said in a light voice.

“I half expected you to come home with one of those French women; lovely girls, the lot of them,” Baxter Englehorn, the patriarch of the family, put in jovially. Leon broke into a profuse sweat at his father’s words.

“I…I…I was considering it…but decided now was not the time.” He sighed, shut his eyes and saw Claire’s nude body as clearly as he had all those weeks ago. Her brown eyes, in this waking vision of her, stared at him reproachfully. Leon opened his eyes…and ignored it. “Thank you for the dinner, Mother, but I have business to see to.” He rose from his chair, threw on his jacket with trembling fingers and left.

In the streets of London, more specifically in a small house in a dingy alley, Leon found his release. The prostitute he’d chosen was pretty enough; her name was Juliet and she led him very gently to their little room. Though she had black hair and didn’t resemble Claire in the least, he couldn’t help…but he pushed that thought aside. There was no more manipulation or relish in the way he moved, only longing and need.

By the time it was over, he couldn’t stand to touch the girl next to him. He saw in her face the same traces of innocence that had been in Claire when he first met her. Rain pounded heavily on the roof above them; he turned to look out the window at the downpour. “Can I ask you something, Juliet?” he asked in a detached tone.

“Certainly, sir,” the girl said sweetly, sitting up in bed.

“Will we burn in Hell for what we just did?”

“I don’t put much stock in religion, sir, though I respect those that do.”

He gave her a bonus of ten pounds when he left, stumbling a little over London Bridge as he headed home. On a pure whim—or perhaps because he wasn’t thinking—he stared with wavering vision at the rushing Thames River. “Quite a long fall, Claire, dear,” he said, gray eyes flickering to the river below. “Do you think your precious Leon should make the…?” He shook himself and kept walking.

It tasted like spring in early April 1899, the night Claire locked her apartment in Liverpool for good. Wallace just stared at her with wide eyes; he seemed older than just three. “There we are!” she said with a cheerful smile, sighing a little as she took her son’s hand. “Down the stairs we go, Wallace, my darling!” she giggled, almost innocent again.

“Whee!” he squealed as his mummy led him along.

“We’re going on a walk,” she continued in that falsely bright voice of hers. “Isn’t the city so alive at night, dear?”

“Alive! Alive!”

“Yes, alive, son!” She tickled his stomach and he giggled, unaware that they were both in tattered clothes. “Lights, the buildings, the…” She picked him up, savoring the idea of being a mother for the first and last time. “Your hair smells clean, little one; Miss Roxanne made you all clean for our walk tonight.”

“Where we going, Mummy?” Wallace asked.

“It will be a…surprise,” she said sadly, casting one quick glance at the stars.
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Gin: guilty as sinhallwaydancer on July 20th, 2007 03:56 am (UTC)
Awww, Leon's feeling guilty and pathetic. Nice to see he caught up with the rest of us.

Lily: yay!lilypeters on July 20th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC)
Yes, it was coming eventually...

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Lily: Moulin Rougelilypeters on July 24th, 2007 03:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's awful. ;_;